Deep WebDeep search and analysis of information in the network allows to:

- get a basic information about individuals and organizations;
- conduct a detailed analysis of activity in the internet and accurately compare it with the actual activities carried out;
- find accurate contact information (including social network account information, mobile and landline phone numbers, registered addresses, etc.);
- speed up the process of conducting operational search activities (which is extremely important, given the low level of skills and capabilities of an ordinary investigative officers);
- timely identify and prevent various illegal actions (including information attacks);
- find out leaks of critical information;
- examine a depth of the information presence of designated objects in the information space and the level of attention to them;
- familiarize the responsible persons with the current situation on the information front in order to provide prerequisites for making more effective decisions.

Ensuring information security is an extremely important aspect in the activities of enterprises and individuals, that undoubtedly determines the high requirements for conducting research in various segments of the global network.

The data obtained as a result of information analysis will allow you to effectively choose the right strategy for solving the assigned tasks.