Cryptocurrencies services:

- advice on various issues related to the purchase, sale, exchange and safe storage of cryptocurrencies;
- teaching to trade on popular cryptocurrency exchanges;
- assistance in choosing and setting up mining equipment;
- solving various tasks related to ICO and bounty campaigns (including BitcoinTalk.org forum);
- compilation and translation of project documentation (White Paper, etc.);
- writing articles and creating video reviews;
- blockchain solutions development;
- creating smart contracts (EVM/Solidity);
- electronic documents verification by using blockchain technology (software systems for registering files in a blockchain with the possibility of fully authentication);
- restoring the access to cryptocurrency wallets and access passwords;
- conducting examinations (a study of computer systems for cryptocurrencies use, movement of payments and exchanges analysis).

The rapid development of blockchain technologies creates the need to study and apply such achievements in the commercial activities of organizations and individuals.