Accounting AutomationDocument flow and accounting automation are designed to meet the following objectives:

  • 1C:Enterprise databases installation and configuration, accounting automation;
  • document entering, storage and editing;
  • cash and goods flows reporting composition, as well as staff performance monitoring;
  • system configuration change for compliance with new requirements;
  • data protection (guarantees information safety, even in the case of illegal seizure or equipment theft), backup onto the remote data storages;
  • the implementation of new 1C:Enterprise system configurations and the support of the existing ones.

The company accounting automation will promote the business operations optimization, intensify staff effectiveness control and ensure the operating records formation.

The comprehensive technical support: we are always ready to help and answer any questions relating to the implemented solutions operation. 1C:Enterprise system installation, including the optimization settings, database security and backup system, will guaranty the reliable smooth-running operation.

The software and trade automation systems for warehouses and shops will ensure all storage and retail operations accuracy and transparency. The remote access to 1C:Enterprise system will provide the company branches with the opportunity to work with information databases in real-time.