Information security: data protection complex

DPC "Avalanche" is designed for data protection on servers and user computers:

  • DPC includes an access to data and software emergency blocking system: a complete blockage of access to protected data is executed in response to a signal from any computer in the network: only work with "unprotected" data and programs is possible;
  • DPC implementation into the company computer infrastructure* ensures access to information (data and software) impossibility in case of a blocking signal or unauthorized computer equipment removal (theft, raider attack);
  • mind that any data are not deleted upon the emergency situation occurrence, but at the same time, the possibility of unauthorized access to information is in any case excluded;
  • full compatibility with all versions of 1C:Enterprise system and MS SQL Server.

*It is possible to install DPC just on one computer (or laptop).

The data protection complex is a set of organizational and technical arrangements, hardware and software assets utilized to ensure data security in information systems: on any standalone computer and computer networks.

Information security provision and the reliable data security algorithms introduction are necessary measures, which ensure emergency information access blocking: in case of equipment thefts, illegal confiscation or illegal takeover. The database backing up onto a remote storage eliminates the possibility of critical information loss.

Giving adequate consideration to the company information security will prevent you from costly consequences of information loss and data recovery.